Dimple Threading Salon

Waxing Room

What is Waxing?

Waxing is a precise, safe, and sanitary method of semi-permanent hair removal from the root of each hair follicle. Two types of waxing methods are used on differing body parts:

Strip Waxing is done by spreading a sticky wax thinly and carefully on the skin and then covering it with a gentle cloth that is patiently pressed on the top of the skin and hair, and finally is quickly pulled off in the general direction of hair growth.

Hard Waxing is a melted wax that is applied on the skin with no cloth but, instead hardens over a small period of time when completely cooled. One corner of the hardened wax is gently lifted and the remainder is then patiently pulled, taking unwanted hair with it.

 Benefits of Waxing with Us !

  • Wax is always warm, never hot
  • No double dipping
  • Experienced, professional staff
  • We use hypoallergenic Satin Smooth wax
  • Customized services just for you
  • Low cost services and packages

       Why wax at all ?

  • Long lasting, smooth silky skin
  • Softer, finer body wax
  • Diminished hair growth
  • Healthier skin through exfoliation
  • 3-8 weeks free from shaving
  • All body parts can be waxed
  • Improved Self Confidence